Pneumatic Strapping tool


  • Pneumatic tool is applicable to neutral packaging and widely used in the export enterprises of iron, color metal, textiles household electronic appliances , food stuff and daily merchandise, it adopt ,pet tape to finish a strap in a high speed once,this pet tape is high tension environmental-protection and no -pollution and can be used to replace steel tape


No Particular Description
1 Model AQD-19
2 Max Strap Tension max 2744 N (AT0.63 MPA)
3 Air Pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa
4 Tool Weight 3.8 kg.
5 Overall Length 275mm
6 Tool width 115mm
7 Total Height 130mm
8 Strap Material polyester
9 Strap Width 2.0 mm thickness
10 Machine color 13mm to 19 mm